Lecture Topics:

Native Fruits

Most people, when they decide to grow fruits, plant apples or peaches, pears, cherries, and other familiar market fruits that reflect our traditionally European heritage. Why not consider native American fruits?

Being native, they often are better adapted to withstand our pests and climate. Native fruit plants look naturally at home in our landscapes - luscious landscapes if these fruits are also borne on trees, shrubs, and vines that are also ornamental!

Great interest was aroused in native American fruits a hundred and fifty years ago; it's time to revive that enthusiasm. In this slide lecture, with in-season fruit samples, we'll explore the beauty, the flavor, and the cultivation of American persimmon, pawpaw, beach plum, lingonberry, and a host of other native delectables, as well as blueberry - one native fruit we have been eating for the last hundred years.

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