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(Taunton Press, 2012)

This book is for you if you want to enjoy the luscious rewards of home-grown fruits, whether your home is a sunny balcony, a quarter-acre suburban lot, or a 5-acre farmden. With home-grown fruits, you get to choose varieties that tickle your palate, not necessarily those that sell well and can withstand the rigors of shipping and please the palates of people in Pasadena, in Pensacola, and in Portland. For the localvore, what could be more local than ripe peaches or blueberries harvested a few steps from the back or front door?

This book shows how growing fruit can be both enjoyable and easy, especially if you begin by selecting appropriate types and varieties for your climate and site. The emphasis is on growing fruit naturally. Naturally grown fruits develop high flavor, are rich in nutrients and other healthful components, and naturally resist pests and diseases so don't require toxic sprays. The emphasis here is also on simplicity, making growing everything from apples to figs to oranges to strawberries—over 30 different kinds of fruits in all—feasible within today's constraints of time and space.

Softcover, 234 pages - $24.95

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