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Growing Figs in Cold Climates

(2021, New Society Publishers)

Growing Figs in Cold Climates is a complete, full-color, illustrated guide to organic methods for growing delicious figs in cold climates. Here are five methods, some pruning techniques, and suitable varieties for making this possible across cool and cold growing zones of North America, Europe, and beyond. Also some ideas for small-scale, commercial fig production in cold climates.

A fresh fig is a soft and juicy fruit, with a honey-sweet, rich flavor. And very perishable, so is picked underripe commercially, which is why fresh figs from the market never develop full flavor. If you already grow figs, this book will help you grow better or more figs, or be able to manage them more easily. If you haven’t yet experienced the rewards of growing figs, you have a treat in store for you. Easy and delicious!

Softcover, 115 pages. - 24.99

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